• The Fusion E9 has a beautiful sleek design. This scooter features a high quality 36v  battery and with a single charge it offers a potential total riding distance of up to 25-30km, and acceleration speed of 25Kmh.  
  • The 350W motor powers the scooter to ride with ease and comfort and it even offers a cruise control option, helping to maintain a steady pace set by the driver.
  • To improve its safety, the Fusion E9 is equipped with a bell, front, side and rear reflectors, allowing its riders to feel more comfortable travelling in congested areas.
  • This Scooter contains 8.5inch Honeycomb Wheels. Some advantages of these airless tires - they won't go flat, they can carry more weight, and can also engage in more rugged activities.
  • Pair your Scooter via Bluetooth and connect to its App to check your ride statistics and select your riding options, all through your smart phone.

Fusion E9 Electric Scooter

€395.00 Regular Price
€355.00Sale Price